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Conforming, Mastering and Deliveries


My work and workflow allow for fast conforming, mastering and deliveries up to 4K resolution, for any type of audiovisual content.

Sound, Music and Audio


I can provide the highest level of sound design and mixing services for movies, TV shows, commercials and interactive titles. 

Corporate Promos and Trailers


I blend artistry, technology and stand-out story telling, to make corporate promos and trailers on behalf content creators like RAI Cinema and 01 Distribution.

To date, I have done dozens of promos for the Communication Section and the CEO of RAI Cinema, for festivals worldwide and national institutions.

DVD and Blu-­ray Authoring


Since 2000, I can offer unrivalled breadth and scope for your Blu-ray and DVD authoring needs.

I provide advanced compression and authoring services to some of the biggest names in European home entertainment, like RAI Cinema/01 Distribution, Universal, Koch Media/Plaion, RAI Com, Eagle Pictures ensuring the highest levels of quality, creativity and technical prowess.

Encoding for any platform and streaming needs


Encoding make your audio and video assets ready for digital distribution over Streaming and VoD platform

Digital Cinema Package (DCP)

My works is dedicated to developing the best digital cinema contents, for both major studios and independent distributors.

DCP department is constantly evolving and developing with the new technology available.

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